Festive Mellow-Drama

 Monday, Wow, What a day.

I had just over three hours sleep before my alarm disturbed my peace .. I was doubly pleased that I had organised what I was wearing making my way out the front door effortless.

A couple of black coffees through the morning helped me catch up on some of my admin before heading out to pick clients up for their Christmas lunch grabbing a sandwich to eat on the way wasn’t so enjoyable .. clients safely delivered to the Christmas venue I was one of a few staff volunteered to help out through their festive fayre .. I don’t mind, its why I do the work I do, to see the clients enjoying their time .. what I don’t appreciate is the lack of recognition from the management who didn’t volunteer their time but sat behind in the office .. there was no funds raised to allow staff to join the clients, no token gesture, no simple thank you for your help ..

On top of this, my manager phoned me during the festivities announcing they had a problem, they needed someone to cover a colleague’s clients tomorrow and they had picked me .. ain’t I the lucky one .. my simmer turned to boil ..

Once the festivities ended and arrangements made to see the clients safely home I stayed behind with a colleague for a drink which turned into two .. my boil slowly came back down again and I feel ready to face ‘whatever next’ ..

Despite the stresses of the day, it is always great to end it on a high and I can appreciate it, that’s a fact.

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