Full and feelin’ fine.

I still have that one assignment and an exam to complete, but I am caught up enough that I can sit and take some time for myself for a minute.

A few days ago I’d been realizing how much I’d let life get in the way of my exercise habits, and it got me feeling a bit bad about myself. I used to love running and weightlifting and yoga. I made time for it every day of the week. Now I don’t even do my light yoga routine on Sunday mornings. And because of my genetically high cholesterol, I started to freak out about how much it’s probably climbed. Exercise was the only thing that brought it down.

Now I feel like I have extra damage control  to do. I’m going to have to extremely limit, if not eliminate, animal products from my diet just to make myself stop freaking out about it. 

I don’t expect it to be hard. I expect I’ll be just fine with that. The difficulty will come in using up what I have on hand, as I had just started trying to bring meat into my cooking regimen. In order to try to get rid of the bag of frozen chicken, I made chicken and vegetable salads for lunch this week. In order to get rid of the shrimp (why did I think I could start eating seafood? Oh yeah, now I remember), I made jambalaya. I’ve never made it before, and I’ve only eaten it once before. Someone gave me a recipe for it a couple of years ago and I’ve been dying to try it, but I didn’t really eat meat and didn’t eat seafood or processed meat at all so it never happened. Until now, since I had that bag of frozen shrimp I bought. I hope it’s tasty. I made enough to last me all week and put half of it in the freezer so it would keep. 

I also made banana, spinach and strawberry muffins for breakfast. I tried that trick of using the liquid from a can of chickpeas as a binder instead of an egg. I don’t eat canned beans but I bought a can just to try it. I haven’t had one yet so I guess I’ll find out tomorrow if they turned out any good. 

My upstairs neighbor just made a loud noise. He has been awfully noisy lately. I know my paranoia is acting up because I started to think he was possessed and I saged my apartment last week to cleanse it.

I have been trying to get some photos for my journal but I switched my carrier to Cricket and this Cricket phone I got has a terrible camera. I really miss my old phone. 


The jambalaya I made. 


Sundays are spent in the kitchen.


Trying to take a clear photo. 


Happy tree. 

I was so anxious for the end of the semester to come so I could finally sign up for that discounted month at the yoga studio by campus, and now I can’t even afford it. I think I should just pay the drop in rate and go a couple times a week. 

Or figure out how to get myself to work out at home again. I think my emotional state is behind why I can’t get myself to do it. I just don’t know how to get back in the game. 

But I should get back to that assignment. 

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