Let’s talk sex: Their place or yours?

Today let’s talk about the home field advantage aka their place or yours?

Whenever you think about sports you always hear it is a positive things to have a home field advantage. When it comes to sex, I think it is always easier to go to someone else’s house.

Let’s say your are out with someone you’ve been seeing, talking with a hottie at the bar, or messaging a potential partner on Tinder. Things get flirty and then it is time to for the “where are we going?” part of the talk. You are excited, but which is the right choice?

In my opinion the correct answer is always their place. Let’s divide this down and weigh our pros and cons


Their place.

Pros: You can leave whenever you want, you don’t have to clean your place or worry about their judgement, you are not showing them where you live, you get a chance to feel out how this person is in their everyday life.

Cons: Your stuff isn’t there, you don’t have comfortable access to the kitchen, you are unaware of how they like to be in their home


Your Place:

Pros: You have your personal items, you know exactly where you are and how you feel about that place


Alright now for what is the most important part to me. Cons of being at your place include, but are not limited to the following:

You are showing this person you don’t know very well where you live, which can turn messy. You might feel uncomfortable just kicking them out. Your personal space is your sanctuary and you might not want someone infringing upon that. If you are messy like me your place is never presentable.

As humans we feel comfortable in environments that are familiar to us. We are creatures of habit. To me this is one of the only times where your personal environment might make you feel more uncomfortable in a sexual situation. Concerned not only that someone might be judging the place you live and how you keep it, but also sharing that with another person. I prefer going over to someone else’s house because when you don’t feel right being there you can very easily and politely leave. On the other hand when I personally have someone over I fall into a hostess role and wouldn’t be nearly as quick to ask someone to leave because I wouldn’t want to be perceived as rude or hurtful. 

Remember all the excitement that comes with getting down and dirty in a new place the first time you are sleeping with someone. A new setting for you will create more adrenaline and the rush from sexy time can only be increased. 

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