Missing Asia

That country is were my happiness is. Where the people who bring me true joy are. The place im not misunderstood and people see me for what I am. I feel like a Godess whenever im there. Its wonderful. 

My mother is going there tomorrow for a week due to family things, I probably wont be going there until like 4 years into the future. I didn’t really think much about it when my mother said she was going. But now, now that she is leaving tomorrow. It really got into my head. I started thinking of the city. How people love me so much there and im like a celebrity. 

I want to go there so badly, so I can visit the place i lived in and scare the shit out of my crush Red Hair. Just a guy that I have a funny, weird and creepy story with haha. Ahh, i miss that guy even tho we didnt hang out. He have always struggled to speak english with me, so I really really want to just go there and suprise him and his friend that I know aswell. He will be so happy but so confused if I came with my mother tomorrow. 

I really really want to suprise my bestfriend too. A guy thats like acouple years older than me, but he was so bad at school he is just 1 grade over me, what an idiot. Still, he have gotten a really long way. And i want to be there so badly just to be a part of his fun. But like, if i came there tomorrow. He will most likely get a heartattack and probably not understand anything. Im wearing his bracelet right now btw, never did i ever get to give him something tho..

There are alot of other things I want to do. Like finally find a time to hang out with Alisa. Go on a roadtrip with my cousin again and so on. But most of all Red Hair and my bestfriend are the two funnies things I can think of. Their the ones who will have the most hilarious reaction i believe. 


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