Stupid Science Project

I have to be honest, after I came back from that 5 month long vacation, I didn’t really care much about my grades in school. It’s not until recently I really started doing my assignments and trying to score for a good grade.

Last week I was supposed to present a project about oil platforms in front of the class. I havent had a single presentation since 7th grade, and well like many others do, anxiety is really bad when It comes to that stuff. 

I did make the presentation. I did put effort into it. There is information on it, its longer than the others presentations are. I even deliverd it to my teacher so she knowsn I did do what I was supposed to and not just make up a reason to skip the whole thing. 

Still, this small thing became so damn big. I had to talk to the teacher privatly after everyone had presented exept for me. She was mad, she was very dissapointed in me. She most likely thought I didnt do it because I’m lazy. She started telling me I will fail the whole damn project If i dont present it at some point.

I told my mother about it and she is furious. She got so mad that my teacher is trying to force me. And my father is very annoyed with the situation aswell since he also was one of the kids that didnt have courage to do it when he was young. 

Its cant really complain about it all either, since I did get other options like to just randomly read it in a phone call or something. Still it gets me very uncomfortable. Haha, why am I like this. So complicated. Maybe I’m just very stubborn. Stupid Science Project, goodbye good grades. 

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