Creepypasta – A Proxy

Really really long time ago since i discoverd creepypasta. Creepypasta are basiclly just alot of stories ment to scare people. Alot of famous stories are also made into creepypasta for people to read. 

First I read about was Jeff The Killer, probably the most famous one of them all. Then I got a huge thing for someone related to his story, Jane the killer. Probably liked her so much cause shes a girl. Then my friend brought It up again and I started really enjoying characters like Ticcy Toby, Laughing Jack and Drowning Ben. 

Most of them are proxys of Slenderman. I don’t know much about the originality of the stories related to Slender, but the one I know is really something stunning to me. Several of the characters have terrible heartbreaking backstories which made me incredibly curious. They were all related to Slender somehow and made into what we call “a proxy” just like a helper of slender. 

Iknow these stories are not exacly ment to be cute and so beautiful as I see many of them. Indeed alot of them scare the living shit out of me, but still thinking of it its actually a little nice alongside with horrifying. They all seem like a family somehow, helping eachothers out while murdering others. KINDA want to be a part of it. 

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