Day 289 – Snow day

Monday, December 12th 2016

Today was a snow day, meaning, the buses were cancelled, so what’s the point of going to school? I did almost go though, since I was supposed to do a test I missed the other day, but, I could always do it tomorrow and I might as well catch up on other things, or at least, I planned on catching up, but I woke up much later than I thought, around 11 am. I watched some more The Last Guardian and then I finally got ready for the day. I planned to study cooking a little bit, work on Photoshop for my technology class, practice art and work on the book if Megg finished his skeleton, but only two of those went as planned.

I cleaned the dishes and the kitchen counters, then went on to work on Photoshop. It took me around a normal class length, plus perhaps some extra time, but there’s the 10 minutes to do whatever you want that our teacher allows us at the start, and then the last 5 minutes where you turn of your computer and exit class, so I did do some catching up, somewhat. I then went out to clear out the driveway of snow with my brother. When I got back inside, I played some civilization and managed to take over the Ottomans as well as Songhai and a city state, and get my cities back from England. The game stopped since we were out of turns, but I clicked continue so I can fully dominate everyone, even if I technically won. I only need to take over England and the Iroquois now. I have the ability to get a science victory, but I want domination.

After that, I went to eat supper, watch some more The Last Guardian, and now I’m gonna go study a little bit of cooking before leaving to watch Supernatural. I noticed that I haven’t been on the server today, but it’s been very quiet as well, and every time I’d check, a staff member would already be online with only a couple of other people, so I didn’t see theΒ point on moderating.

Earlier during the day Megg texted me (I forgot when exactly, so I’m writing it here at the end), that he would prefer for me to say that I appreciate our friendship, since even if I do, I don’t show it often. I’ll say it more from now on, I’ve just never been much of someone to constantly say to the other that I deeply appreciate them, and the only one I have is Kohai. Though, usually I say it more often through text messages, so I’m glad we’re communicating that way, since if we only spoke to each other, I’d probably never say it. I’m a shy person, haha.

That’s all for today.

5 thoughts on “Day 289 – Snow day”

  1. Where I live if the buses are cancelled, then school is cancelled too. Was school actually still open even on a snow day?

    I looked up The Last Guardian and saw a giant feathered dog. Looks like an awesome video game. What is the guardian guarding?

    And thanks Obs for letting me know how much you appreciate our friendship πŸ˜€ It really means a lot. You don’t have to say it all the time, but I think we both should say it every once in a while to remind the other how much they are appreciated.

    I’ll get the skeleton draft done tonight so if you have another snow day tomorrow you’ll be able to work on it πŸ˜›

  2. Yup, school is still open. Only yellow buses are cancelled. Most students can drive or take the city bus to get there, but most don’t go anyway.

    It’s a sort of cat/dog/bird mythical creature yeah. Not sure who the guardian is, right now it’s only about a boy who finds the mythical creature and attempts to leave the ruins he got himself stuck in.

    And alright πŸ˜›

  3. Oh so you got counted as absent from school then? And that is a totally different schooling system than the one I went to, that is so alien to me. I guess it’s different when you live in a frequently snowy area πŸ˜›

    Also I didn’t know it was mainly just me and Kohai that you had. That gives me more responsibility to be a better friend then πŸ™‚

    Hmm, if you don’t have anything else to do, I would suggest practicing drawing more and working on your portfolio. Then you can post your drawings on this website and people can see them. That’s what I would do, don’t you love drawing?

  4. Lucky! There’s no sign of snow in Texas yet–although I guess that’s to be expected, and it’s better this way, because I have to walk to school xD Hope you enjoyed your day at home ~

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