December 14th / Our 11th Aniversary

We have two aniversaries. One is the 31st of October that we had a celemony in Malta. The other one is today, the 14th of December that we turned in a paper at the office in Japan. We do something even small on both days every year. We were originally planning on going to a place called” Nabana no Sato” The place is a huge flower garden with a lot of Christmas lights at night. Unfortunally, it might be too windy to be out all day today. But either way, we will be doing something together today. 🙂

My morning ritual Day 57

1) Write down 3 acts of gratitude

I am grateful that I got a decent sleep today. I am grateful that me and hubby can celebrate our aniversary today. I am grateful that I am determined once I put my mind to something.

2) Write one positive experice within 24 hours. I went to a mall yesterday. The place is always so crowded. I usually shy away from going there unless I need to. I went there and I tried to get done everything as soon as possible. Everything went so smoothly. The crowds didn’t overwhelmed me at all. Actually I had a ok time there. 🙂 Now I feel better about the place. 🙂

3)Exercise for 15 minutes  planning on doing yoga or run

4) Meditation   I did 6 minutes meditation with audio

5)Write a letter to someone to express gratitude

Dear Rober,

You are the sweetest. You always remember my B-day and send me B-day wishes. 🙂 I have known you for such a long time. Even though we have never met, I can call you my best friend. We have shared so many things. Hope I will see you sometimes soon in person! 🙂

6)Do one small thing for generosity   I changed my seat for a lady so that she could sit next to her daughter in a train.

How is my day going

4:30 Got up/ Soy latte

6:30 Pre-workout / banana

7:00 Ran 3 miles for 30 minutes

9:00 Breakfast/ Miso soup, vegies, egg and bacon, fruits

10:30 went to a mall

13:00 Lunch/ at the stake restaurant

16:00 Snack/ shrimp chips

17:00 saw some Christmas lights at Nagoya bay

19:00 Dinner/ Tofu and Pork spicy soup



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