DMV on Monday…

Woke up earlier than usual and headed over to DMV right away. First location I went in West Hollywood don’t do drivers license so I have to drove to another location about an mile away. Longer time to wait… I was so glad that I brought food there while I was waiting outside of building cause I didn’t even really excepted to be there till 2 PM. Started with calling over supervisor for the stupid address proof. After talking to her, that issue got solved but had to wait hours to actually get to the window. Talked the guy and found that I need to talk IL dmv to send driving record over to CA dmv since I lost my drivers license. Took a while to figure that out then had to take a written driving test. Got everything done about 1 PM then headed back home then got a call from them that they got a documentation from IL dmv. Drove back there and finish up the process without knowing that I’m going to walk out without actual driver license but the temporary one on paper. So glad it’s all done but still not a big fan of waiting.

Got to the office around 2:30 PM started catch up on things and late lunch from Nikita. Ended up staying late today with Anton, Nikita, Caesar and April. We went to Berlin for a dinner after then Anton gave me a ride back to home. Just took a shower after looking around hotels in Cebu while eating the left over rice cake thing from yesterday. 11:27 PM now. I didn’t do anything but it’s already time for a bed. Feel tired today wanna have a good and deep sleep. Goodnight All!

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