My first

     Some times I like to question the validity of my being. Why am I here? What is my worth? Do I even make a difference to anyone.  Most of my life the answer is no, but I keep it moving. Lately I have been asking my self these questions more often then not.  I tend to lean on the depression side of feeling, I just can’t figure out why. I am 30 years old with 2 beautiful young boys, one 9 and the other 2. They are my rock.  I also have a girlfriend who is an amazing mother who I have nothing had to say about. Yet I feel like I don’t deserve them.  I will leave this post there because I don’t have time to fill in the blanks but I will when I get a chance. 

One thought on “My first”

  1. I ask them questions daily, I suffer from depression too. I have learnt to in a way drag my life along through life. Learning how to ignore or blank out most situations that bring me to them questions you are asking your self. Seems to help.

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