My weekly goals/ Middle of the month report in December

From the experience of the previous month, I have been trying to pay more attention and to get done as early as possible. I think I have been doing pretty good, ahead of time. 🙂

My weekly goals in December

By 4th  Finish the book/ Done 1st I read one of Murakami Haruki’s book.

By 11th Run 10km or an hour as one of the 10/ Done 3rd

By 18th do one 80 minutes yoga as one of the 7/ Done 10th

By25th Finish remodeling and the end of the year cleaning( that is the tradition in Japan)

By the end of the year

I want to complete Head-Stand and  be totally comfortable doing morning ritual.

December monthly goals

10 times 5k or 30 minutes runs/ 2nd  3rd 7th 9th 11th

10 times doing yoga ( including head stand practice)/ 1st 2nd 4th 8th 10th

5 times pilates or ab exercise/ 5th, 12th

3 times 1km or 30 minutes swim/ 1st, 8th

Kickboxing 6th, HIIT 13th

3 movies / Only one movie so far… 10th

3 restaurants/ I haven’t eaten out this month yet..   I don’t feel like going to a restaurant..

finish one book/ Done 1st

How I have been doing so far

Clearly, I am so behind on eating out. I have been feeling like more my homey food rather than eating out recently. I have a plan to eat out tomorrow though. As far as movies go, I am in the middle of the 2nd movie now. I should be able to watch 3 this month but I always need to split one movie into a few times to finish. It is not easy to have a solid 2-hour for me.. I think I have been doing pretty well on others.  🙂

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