Breaking Bridges

Today in first period, we broke our spaghetti bridges. Our teacher set up the one-foot wide span between two tables, and pushed the cart stacked with various weights (including a heinously big dumbbell) to the side. There were also two wooden testers (a rectangular block with a screw pushed through the center, and a hook on one side of the screw) and a five-gallon bucket to hold the weights.

It was so fun just being a bystander and watching everyone set up their bridges! Some people had the prettiest designs, with all sorts of criss-cross trusses and supports. Mine was very ugly, because 1) crap crafting skills 2) laziness 3) lack of creativity when it came to design and 4) shitty glue that dried into white strings–and it was seven grams overweight. Didn’t matter that much though, because!!!

Wait for it!!

My bridge managed to hold the most weight in the class! It held 6,957 grams, including the weight of the tester–so, almost seven kilograms. I didn’t get first place though, because my (MassHeld)/(MassBridge) ratio wasn’t as good as it could have been (since my bridge was slightly too heavy) but it was still a good result for me and I was really happy, more so when I just checked my grade and got a 99 on it! Yay!

This was all totally unexpected. I was actually surprised when it managed to hold the tester and not crumple haha. It exceeded my expectations the moment I hung the bucket on it without it cracking.

Although, it was very stressful while I was putting the weights on, because I could actually hear various parts of my bridge snapping and cracking (and popping?) before it actually broke on one side. I was putting the weights in as fast as I could, because my teacher said that if your bridge could hold a certain added weight for three+ seconds, then the last weight added would still be added to your total weight held. So I figured I’d just add them in as quickly as possible.


I also had two tests today. I only got a 97 on a triple major grade in accounting, so now I am slightly sad. Oh well. Not everything can be perfect.

I have a Gatsby party tomorrow, so I’ll wear a sequined dress (!) to school. The horror. It’s black, sequins, a zipper in the back, sleeveless, with stupid and uncomfortable ruffles on the hem. But it’s the only dress I have that’s not a Chinese one with the collar and the embarrassingly ostentatious silk designs on it, sooooo…..

I have a physics quiz tomorrow ugghhhhhhh and I have a crap ton of reviews and such. Other than the finals starting Friday though, I’m rid of every other kind of test. Oh God. Accounting finals though–I can’t get a bad grade–and computer programming–nooooo–also precal–which is better but still–

I’m only exempting physics (why would I NOT) so on Monday, I just have two in the morning (geography and history) and then on Tuesday, I just have English in the morning (which will be great, because it’s just multiple choice that I have confidence in, and an essay, which I’m fairly decent at) and then I’ll be home free.

But I can’t think that far ahead yet. Focus, focus. It’ll be worth being tired if I can get good scores on my finals.

I got my PSAT scores yesterday. 1480/1520. Not too bad. I really hope I can qualify as a National Merit Finalist in my senior year–I need that scholarship, and the college opportunities it will give me. My sister got a full scholarship because she had that NMSQT finalist status (of course, she was also an awesome person in general).

As long as I keep my GPA up and get a decent score (1500+ is my goal) on the SAT I’m taking in January, and I get some volunteering/job hours in during the summer, I should be able to get into a good college. I need to. It’s the most important thing I have to do in my life right now.

Anyway, today was a fairly good day. Stressful, but good. The weather was so beautiful today–that bright blue, and then the wind blowing yellow leaves into the road toward the sunlight. Surprisingly warm for December, but absolutely lovely.

Have a good day and stay chill.

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  1. Congrats on having the best bridge! Although from your previous posts you’re saying you don’t have good grades, but you got a 99 in this spaghetti bridge class and a 97 in an accounting class. Plus you got 1480/1520 in the PSAT! To me those are pretty amazing scores!

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