Day 290 – Work and Megg

 Tuesday, December 13th 2016

Today was a good one, and much more interesting than usually.

I started off the day with math and my teacher did something just absolutely, incredibly, amazing… She taught 6.2 of this chapter yesterday during the snow day, despite of the lack of students, so while she was teaching 6.3, we had no idea what she was talking about. Look, I understand that 6.2 is short, and that we’re running out of time, but you’re stressing the heck out of students.

I then had technology and I plugged in my USB key to transfer my Photoshop documents that I did yesterday, but they weren’t there… Speaking of which, let me check to see now… Yup, there and transferred. I didn’t need it for anything though, just to show that I completed the work. I worked on making a sort of underwater background with gradients and other tools, and I’m almost done.

At lunch I asked Kohai to sit with me and my close friend came along. We talked about Kohai’s and I last year’s math teacher that’s now our close friend’s math teacher. I talked about him in the past, so I won’t go into detail. It seems to be a reoccurring, yet still funny topic to talk about when we’re all together.

I then had cooking class and I did my quiz. It went… okay? I messed up one question, except for one part of it, then bulled my way through the last two sort of “opinion” questions. I think I did okay, like a B? Not sure.

I finished the day with programming, which I didn’t do much with, just edited the content a little. I tried answering a question for the book, but the environment I was in was not helpful.

When I got home I watched YouTube, then ate, then did quite a bit of math (I’m gonna finish the rest tomorrow during programming or technology), and then talked with Megg. We had a pretty good conversation, to the point he decided to save it, which I thought was a good idea as well. We really feel like we have a good, meaningful relationship. I did ask him a question though, which he expected by reading my entries. I asked if he was religious, which he answered he’s Catholic, but doesn’t really believe. He mentioned he’d become a Christian for me, as cheesy as it sounds (his words, not mine), but if he was, I want it to be because he believes it. Anyway, I mentioned that’d be a little harder for me if we date in 4 years like we discussed, but that it could still work. He eventually told me to be a little open minded (with a smiley face, he wasn’t trying to be rude) and I’m not sure if I just didn’t get what he was saying or if he didn’t understand what I was saying, since I said that it could work anyway yet he said to be open minded, but whatever. We were walking a thin line, so it’s to be expected. At least we trusted each other enough to discuss it, and that’s a really good thing. A lot of people on my side would find it hard to discuss it with someone who most likely doesn’t believes, and I felt like I didn’t have to worry about being offended (although he came close, unintentionally, but that’s fine).

We then switched to what music we liked though, and he enjoys the same music as I do, if not, very close, so that’s great. Usually it’s a red flag for me when someone says they only like popular music. Everyone has their preferences, but if I’m gonna meet that person possibly one day and we’re gonna listen to music together (since music is important for me, gets me through the day), I want it to be music we both enjoy. 

We also talked about gaming together. From the few games we share, seems that Terraria might be the best one. It’ll also be an excuse to voice chat, so it’ll be interesting to hear his voice. Right now his voice is subconsciously mine to me, which actually works cause I have a low voice for a girl, haha.

I feel like I could have wrote a lot more, but we ended up talking a lot later than I usually am on the computer, so I’m really tired and need to go to bed soon.

That’s all for today.

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  1. Nice post! I sympathized a lot and understood your point of view from our conversation tonight. I definitely enjoy listening to the same kind of music, although I think it would be four years before we would be sitting next to each other listening to anything 😛

    In my entry, I crossed out everything that wasn’t related to our conversation tonight, I didn’t think it mattered. Our conversation really meant a lot to me and I hope we can accomplish a lot together. First let’s work on this book though, since it’s our first trial 🙂

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