Friend Groups

I guess the whole squad, friend group thing just isnt for me. I’ve figured I’m much better one on one, It’s easier for me to build a connection to people when I’m alone with them. 

It’s not really something I’m happy about. Since most of my friends would rather be in friend groups than put all their attention to only one person. You know, more friends. 

Just like my old friend group I was in for acouple years. We still kind of arent split up, since we still do that thing with suprise birthday party. Last time we had one of those parties it got kind of ruind. Since Its supposed to be just the four of us, its a thing that brings us all together. But this time on Monday, the new friends of two of them were invited and It kind of ruind everything and the cozy feeling just wasnt there anymore. Its a rule we have to just be with eachothers, but since the birthday kid was most likely happy to have her two other friends aswell there then It’s fine. But yeah, all 4 of us are going all different ways. 

And like I talked about before, the group of people from the people who gatherd once and decided to be a giant friend group. You know, were I wasnt invited. Well, that group doesnt show much interesst to me anymore. At first I really wanted to be apart of it aswell since their all kind of outcasts and weird with uniqueness to the fullest. But then suddenly everyone there started dating, and im just like What? It got stupid as soon as everyone started getting romantic feelings about eachothers there. Like, its fine. But the group will never been long lasting if they just start dating eachothers, like friend group not love group. 

Haha i sound stupid but whatever. I’m fucking lonely but who gives a shit right. I have my bestfriend and a close friend at school. Thats all that matters. Read once that you dont need more than two friends to be happy. 

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