From friend to lover – Entry 2


It has been over a month since my last encounter with the tall ginger goddess. Jason, Delilah and I have spent quite a bit of time together since. Nothing much or anything intimidating for my liking. We had several lunch dates and occasionally a few drinks in pubs. I don’t personally drink but I enjoy the sight of Jason and Delilah having a good time.

One Friday night she initiated to play pool so Jason joined her but I stayed behind because I was not ready to embarrassed myself in front of her, I’m no good at it. Give me a controller and tell me to get on top of the leaderboard in Call of Duty, that I can do easily. However she doesn’t take no for an answer. Jason insisted that I should play and promised that Delilah would teach me. Oh, that she did. What happened next was like a beginning of a pornography (yes, women do watch porn).

She put her palm on my back and gently pushed me forward so I was bent over the pool table. Her tall figure lay down on top of me whilst she work her left hand to guide mine and the other holding the pool stick. She was teaching me how to aim and hold the stick but I wasn’t paying attention, all I could think of was her hot breath next to my ear. her breasts pressed against my back and my bum pressed against her…well you know what. It was too much, she was so close.

After I managed to support the stick with my own left hand, I felt her hand travel down my torso and rested just above my private area while at the same time instructing me on how I should manage the power of my right arm. Next thing I know she yanked me towards her mid section and I let out a small embarrassing gasp. It wasn’t painful or forceful, just surprising and surprisingly I potted a ball. I looked up at Jason through my glasses, hoping he wasn’t laughing at my reaction and he wasn’t. Instead I met his intense stares that screams lust and want. I suspected that I was blushing hard because my face was so warm and out of habit I bit down my lip. Probably didn’t help in that situation. Delilah congratulate me on my first ever pot and gave me a soft peck on my cheek. I was as red as a tomato!


Not a single day has passed without me thinking about her or wondering what she thinks of me or us (me and Jason). Was I awkward? Did I do well in maintaining our conversation? I hope she doesn’t think of me as some kind of an awkward nerd or no life gamer. Does she think about me as much as I think about her? Especially after that pool episode in the pub. I don’t know about her but the garment underneath my skinny jeans had a pretty rough treatment from the physical encounter. Maybe it was the alcohol and I shouldn’t think too much of it.

Needless to say, Jason and I had a pretty good time when we arrived home that night. It wasn’t love making, it was raw, hard and rough. He and I have a healthy and active sex life, split between standard and BDSM. I was the one who suggested that we should try and that is the real me. I am a switch, I do not mind being a sub for him all the time. That night, it wasn’t him pounding on me from behind. I was sub-consciously imagining Delilah taking me with a strap-on and making me submit to her and I have a pretty good idea that Jason was probably doing the same. 

Last night I was being rather…how should I put it? Silly? I got home from my rugby training around quarter to ten. After I helped myself with some food Jason has left in the fridge I thought I’d have a nice warm bath. My muscle ache and my body was stiff from training and gym. I gently rub my arms and legs but for some reason I thought of her. Without thinking, one of my hands started to play with my beasts and the other was making it’s way down as if they have a mind of their own. I hate this, my mind is clouded, intoxicated with her. What would her hands feels like on my body? Her lips maybe? 

But I stopped. I couldn’t do it even if my body wants me to, my mind would not allowed me to do so. I shouldn’t fantasise about her that way, for all I know she probably wasn’t interest in me and I am unsure about myself ‘I am so fucking silly’ I thought. So I got out of bath and went straight to the bedroom. I woke Jason up by giving him a blow job, even though my mind has stopped lusting after Delilah, my body hasn’t and I need to sort it out. He responded well to my touch, mouth and tongue play. I felt really proud of myself because of it, no foreplay was needed – I was more than ready for him. My inner thigh was basically a mess from my own dripping. Unaware of where he got his strength from, he surprised me by picking me up and ravished me against the wall. He bit down hard on my shoulder and left a possessive mark which I didn’t mind. I love it. I am his as he is mine.

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