Getting back to normal. My Tuesday journal.

Thing are getting back to normal. I stopped by Nordstrom on my way to work today and got a new wallet. I got in there with my skate on and it was fun to see those people’s face that said I don’t know what to do. I didn’t quite get the one I wanted but happy with my new wallet. It makes me feel much more secure and safe some reason. Work was pretty good. Not much going on. We didn’t get the feature branch yet but had tons of things to work on. Especially the documentation for the new theme implementation. I just can’t wait this to be happen. Worked till 6 PM. Our community site was down all day and we couldn’t really do anything till outside dev team got to work on it but it is working now. Anton dropped me at home and I went out for the last Tuesday night skate of 2016 in Los Angeles. Great skate, fast pace! Feel always good to skate around the city. It does make me feel good! Got a bottle of beer and pizza after the skate then head back to home. Already 12:03 AM now. Time to sleep for tomorrow. Lots of talk with my sister about the plan that I literally didn’t do anything. I knew that she will take care of everything tho. Just a week away from the exciting Korean trip. Feel kind of weird to think about it since I have not been there for a long time. Also, that thing pops up in my head some times throughout the day which bothers me little. I gotta make an appointment tomorrow to solve this thing out and make try to set up something on this weekend too. Well, I don’t know just going sleep for now. Goodnight all!

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