My Birthday Resolutions 2016

I had a great B-day this year but I want to make it even more special. Most of things are I have already started doing but I think the persistence is the key to success.

  ************* Travel***************

One oversea trip ( I have already booked tickets to go to Netherlands!)

Two Big trips in Japan

One local bus tour

************Work/ Business*************

Keep a good relationships with my private students.

Start a teaching school at home with my husband

 *************Exercise and Diet************

Do 15 or 30 minutes exercise every day

Challege one new exercise per month

Eat slowly and don’t eat when not feeling well

Follow 80/20 rule

****************Well being***************

Meet one friend or email them at least once a month

Do my morning rutine

Write journal every morning

Take medications

Meditation twice a day

********** Hobbies, Studying, Entertainment*********

Painting pastel , Playing teniss, Practcing Kana and Kanji

Spanish with Rober

3 movies, 3 restaurants and 1 book  per month

I will go back here and check up on them quarterly

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