TA-ship in College

I am an unofficial TA for “Computer Organization and Assembly Language”, unofficial means that I don’t get paid and I wasn’t asked to do the TA ship, I volunteered after the official TA were selected.

Official TA of COAL are lazy to the point that they see what they have to do five minutes before starting the class. 

In today’s lab they didn’t had the slightest idea about the task that was given to the student but then how am I any different? I am the king of laziness. Let’s see, they were the toppers of COAL and I barely passed the subject.

It was very weird when one of TA told me that this is the perk of being a TA, and I quote “You have to do minimum effort and the job gets done!”, this concept, I can not understand, I mean it is up to you to teach your juniors, it is your duty and you are being paid to do it then what, why, why don’t you give it your all.

I told them to send me the task a day before the lab so I could prepare it but they did’n’t. I was feeling ashamed when today students were asking questions and I didn’t knew any more then them.

I told the TA to stop doing that. I think it should mention here that Official TA are my class fellows and friends. Good friends. 

I give my 100 percent when it comes to teaching. That is a fact for I have been a teacher in a private Middle and High School. Also I have done some home tutoring.

My soul feels empty if a student asks me something that I don’t know. Teaching can not be taken lightly.

I used to and I still hate all my TA of all subjects and now I know why. They were and are the same. They don’t know anything more than me.

As one my High School Professor used to say “سب کے سب فلمیں ہیں”. 

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