The desire journal, part two.

He never gave it back.


It sat on his desk for nine days. Today, having finally been broken down, I tore it up and threw it out.

Ten years. I saved that for ten years.But now it can’t hurt me anymore.

In the end, it really did end up being our relationship in those pages. Empty and destroyed.

2 thoughts on “The desire journal, part two.”

  1. Nooooooo! Why did you do that? He did wrote in it and he cried, you said he did. You should have asked him when he was going to write in it again.

  2. Because he was frustrated with something and he took it it on me. And in my emotional state, I tore it up. All he did was tell me I was overreacting. Maybe I shouldn’t have done it, but in that moment I just wanted the torment to end.

    I did ask him. He said he didn’t know what to say. He also said he didn’t have time. I just didn’t want to hear more excuses. Sorry this is so halted, I’m actually at a game of D&D right now.

    He did write a little something in it, but it was only saying he didn’t know how to fix things. I responded, but then he didn’t write back to me. I just really needed him to write in it, and it wasn’t happening. It was too much to handle. I do feel awful, though. I kept it all this time and now it’s gone.

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