Annoying Teenagers

Today me and my two closest friends went to Burger King to eat. We there talking really loudly, or my friends was I was just laughing and listening and making funny comments. Behind us there was a family sitting. An asian woman, a man that im not sure if is foreign or not and a child. 

Suddenly my friends started talking really loudly about an extremly inappropiate topic and I tried to make them shut up. They wouldn’t listen to I threw one of those small ketchup containers on my friend, it was basiclly empty ofcourse. Somehow she managed to hit it in the air so hard that it flew back at me and on the family behind me. They turned around and we all pretended nothing had happend. Suddenly my friend looked up and went all “SHE THREW IT”. That moment it got so awkward, and i turned around and said “I apologize” since I didnt know if they knew our language. I decided it would be better if we just left now. I grabbed my bags and my jacket and went out of there as fast as possible and started laughing. Suddenly my friend pokes my shoulder and says “You forgot your bag”. I turn around and look inside there, the man who got mad at me was holding my bag up in the air to signal that I had forgotten it. I was so skrewed, I went inside with full awkwardness and grabbed my bag and said “I’m so sorry”, in my language. I don’t know if they understood at all… They didnt look happy though, they looked so mad and glared at me.

When I walked out of there again, my friends were gone. The gang of guys were still sitting there, but my friends were nowhere to be seen. I just stood there looking everywhere, so confused. I spotted them in the big crowd in front of me, they were laughing. I ran over to them and hit my friend with the bag… This was so awkward, why blame it on mee!!! 

Never do I go out of my comfort zone like this, or really my friends threw me out of it. It was super fun though, I dont regret a thing. Even tho I still feel bad for that family, still they didnt get any ketchup on them since it was empty. Now that I think about it… Why so mad? It was empty, didnt hurt anyone.

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  1. You don’t need to feel bad. You would never have done that on purpose. The packet richocheted (not sure how to spell that) and went into their booth. It wasn’t your fault. You were trying to get your friends to settle down and watch their speech. I say, cheers to you!

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