Day 291 – School and Megg’s assignment

Wednesday, December 14th 2016

Today was a mixed one. I’m not sure if it wasn’t as good as usual, because of the frustrating homework I couldn’t do or the possible headache coming on, but I might change my mind at the end of my entry.

I started off the day with programming. I transferred my Photoshop files successfully to the computer and then half worked on my website. I added some more content into it, like where I went on vacation in the past (which is Florida, Mexico, Cuba, Dominican Republic and Kentucky, more than once on some of those) and where I’d like to go, but I mostly spent my time doing other things such as conversing in the server’s staff chat or moderating the server’s chat. I suppose I was just tired and didn’t feel like working.

My next class was cooking, and my group and I finished our poster for our information on Christmas in Finland, which involves traditions, desserts and a recipe for pipartkaku (sort of gingerbread cookie).

At lunch I sat with Kohai and we talked about math and I explained to her some of the homework questions we had, and we also talked about Megg (yes Megg, I talked to her about you sometimes, don’t worry, it’s good things).

Next class was technology. Kohai and I talked for a while, but then our teacher mentioned our outing for Rogue One. He said it was the 22nd, which is the last day before the Christmas holidays and also on the day where we have our math test. We panicked, since we though it was a day which the math test was during the outing, so we planned on doing our test the day before, but we checked again and the test is after lunch, so after the outing, which is great. I’m gonna have to not try and spoil the movie for my brother, dad and uncle. I’ll definitely talk about it in one of my entries, but don’t worry, I’ll put a big bold “WARNING : SPOILERS” sign before, and where the spoilers are going to be is the last section of my entry, so you can just stop reading my entry before.

I then did the rest of my math homework and passed Kohai the notes she didn’t have before going to our actual math class. Our teacher checked our homework (and she also checked the homework that wasn’t needed to be done, but I did anyway, so I got bonus points), and then learned something new, which I had trouble understanding.

When I got home I moderated the server a little and spent some more time on my super secret project before leaving to eat and then retreating to my bedroom, because of what I believe is my dad’s colleague working on a project with him until 10pm. I worked for 2 hours on homework and couldn’t do more than half of it. It really frustrated me and I ended up just giving up and trying again tomorrow during my programming class.

During my homework, Megg texted me, I’m saying this in a friendly way, but he’s frustrating to text with sometimes, haha. Compared to anyone else I ever texted with, we have a lot more miscommunications. But after that, I went over to work on the book a little and then read Megg’s entry, which he gave me an assignment. He wants me to write in my own words his paragraph about death. I feel like mine is gonna be quite different, but that depends on how I approach it and how I feel about it. I’ll start off with the same phrase as his, but with his name, then go off in my own words :

We will both be dead someday, Megg. Because of your experience, you probably feel it a lot more than I do, but I wonder if you already accepted it like I do. Luckily, we’re both young and unless something happens, have a lot more time to grow together and appreciate each other’s company, to make sure the other remains on a path to a meaningful life. Time does go by quickly and sometimes I wish I could slow it down so we could spend more time doing great things together or separately, but all we can do is make every second of our lives count.

Actually, today was not so bad 🙂

That’s all for today.

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  1. XD Thank you for completing the assignment. I just made a wallpaper background with both of our quotes in white Century Gothic text placed on top of a black background. It’s a powerful looking background and a powerful reminder, I’ll send it to you later 🙂

    Just because you had a headache over homework you didn’t understand shouldn’t ruin your entire day. Frustration and pain is part of the learning process, why do you think a lot of people purposely stop learning anything new after they leave school? The brain can only understand small parts at a time, if it’s new material it’s never seen before, the brain has to work on rewiring itself to become more familiar with it. So the fact that you feel frustration is a GOOD thing

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