The truth will set you free?

So if a ‘truth’ builds a cage of silence and pain,

if a ‘truth’ destroys kindness, and leaves you in chains,

is it still to be thought an unquestionable statement?


If a ‘truth’ makes you nothing but a toy to be used,

a thing on a shelf or a basement abused,

is it so that your loved ones should be happy and joyful?


If a ‘truth’ takes your voice, your will and yourself,

and just leaves a shell, hollow and fragile,

should it be left without query?


If a ‘truth’ is to stand should it not be enduring,

able to take question without violence,

should a ‘truth’ be able to stand others doubting?


If a ‘truth’ is so binding, so full of weapons and hurting,

perhaps the ‘truth’ is not a Truth worth standing.

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