Day 292 – School work

Thursday, December 15th 2016

Today was an exhausting one. Perhaps because I didn’t take my iron supplement yesterday.

I started off the day by walking into the wrong class. I walked into my programming class since even though in the bus I knew we were day 2 and I started with cooking, my mind switched to day 1 where I’d start with programming for some odd reason. Luckily, only Kohai was in there, since she’s often there in the mornings. I then closed the door and after a minute of waiting, I thought “wait a minute…” and then realised I’m supposed to have cooking. So I texted Kohai about that little funny thing and how I’m glad she was the only one there to see that, then went into cooking class. We had a college professor show us the scientific side of cooking. One of the things she did was make Nutella powder, so now our teacher wants to use that in our coffee. We have a coffee machine that you can drink from if you’d like, and I don’t really like coffee/it doesn’t help me feel awake and ends up just making me even more tired, but if it’s with Nutella, I’m willing to give it another shot. I tried so many different versions before and only homemade Pumpkin Spice Lattes are okay enough to me. I did try a chocolate iced capp in the past and that was delicious.

THEN I had programming. I worked on very small tasks like adjusting a few things in CSS then wrote down everything I need to finish in that class, which are :

-Add question mark image in index and see if you can use it as bullet points for nav or something
-Write personal life tab
-Add small drawings to hobbies, fix weirdly placed lists, fix main height
-Finish vacation tab
-Write talents tab; add the animation stuff like Megg said along with some drawings
-Write career tab; mention book you’re writing with Megg (not sure if I should put it in that tab)
-Fix login blank text send in chat tab, fix scrollbar, make chatbox larger, make letters bigger (16px)
-Write contact tab

-Review grammar
-Review code; check classes and IDs, check if the writing speed is the same on every page, check if main, article and section is in order

-Do PHP work you didn’t finish (the kid thing and math calculator).

All of that shouldn’t take me long at all, but to be safe I’ll be doing most of my technology work for a few days during the Christmas holidays that way when I get back, I only have programming to do in two classes every day.

At lunch there were a bunch of 8th graders making their cardboard boats in the cafeteria. I remember when I did that. We had to make cardboard boats and then race them against other schools. My group and I kept debating who’d be in the boat to paddle with a partner, but I finally decided to step in since no one else wanted to go, other than one guy. So the guy and I waited at the edge of the pool, ready to get into the boat and race to the end, and then once we had a go, we hurriedly yet gently to not break the boat, went in and started moving the boat forward by moving our hands furiously in the water. I looked back and noticed the 3 others boats I was racing against all sank. At the end the guy and I got out of the boat, which caused it to get destroyed, because try standing up in a cardboard boat. You don’t have a choice, but to break it to get out. We didn’t get a chance to see how many people our boat could hold since, well, it broke.

Kohai and I decided to go eat in math class, since she was planning on going there anyway. I talked to my teacher about the questions I couldn’t do and she said she’ll review harder questions today and then I’ll understand better. Instead I helped Kohai with her work while eating frozen pizza before class started. She taught us harder examples, and I now understand the homework ones in the textbook and found the first sheet she gave us easy, except for the last two examples.

For the last class I had technology. I finished my Photoshop fish picture and then another small Photoshop which was basically just upping the brightness and changing the colours. I would show what I did, but I don’t have it with me, so instead I’ll show what my teacher did, which is basically the same thing, but the fish are placed differently :



At home I went on to moderate on the server and work some more on my super secret project. I then ate and started doing some math homework. I spent an hour on it and I couldn’t understand quite a bit of it. I understand at school, but not at home apparently. I decided to give up on it for now, since tomorrow our teacher is absent, or at least, that’s what I think she said, so she’s not checking our homework. If she is present, then I’ll just say I had trouble.

Now I’m going to go watch an episode of Supernatural (or that’s my plan) and relax. I’ve been working on so much lately that I really need to go back to a day where I had no homework and where I can just relax, which is why I decided not to work on the book or start another big conversation with Megg and keep that for tomorrow.

That’s all for today.

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  1. Congrats on Day 300!

    Are you sure you got the fish picture right? It looks like a garden photo that suddenly turned into an underwater fish photo… Kinda weird transition there 😛

    I think you should put the book on your careers tab, you can just put it as an untitled book you’re working on with a friend. Let’s try to have it published before you turn 17, so you’ll have at least one significant accomplishment at your age that you won’t ever forget. Plus it’s slightly better to say you were a published author at 16 than at 17 😛

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