Finals and The Weird Side of YouTube

Tomorrow I have two finals–accounting and precalculus. I was supposed to have computer programming as well, but I chose to exempt it–although I’m still going to have to sit in the classroom for two hours bored out of my shattered mind.

I was looking on YouTube for documentaries to watch while reviewing, but somehow I stumbled upon some wayyy too interesting (read: disturbing) ones. One was an interview with a cannibal, one was an interview with a pedophile, and the other was an interview with a group of teenage quote vampires and werewolves end quote.

The last one made me laugh at first, especially when the *werewolves* started howling, and they turned around to show off their *wolf tails*. One of the girls said that she was a *fox*, which made me laugh harder because I was reminded of Creepy Dude’s Even Crazier Ex-Girlfriend-Current-Friend, who told me the first time we met that she was both a *cat*, and a *fox*. Like, okay. Good to know. I didn’t laugh then–I treated everything she told me very seriously–but I laugh now when I think back on it. God Creepy Dude’s friends are bizarre, and not in a good way.

I should avoid that weird side of YouTube from now on though, because, while the video started off very hilariously, it started freaking me out when the camera crew filmed the teens cutting each other and sucking the blood that came out. Um. Like. No. No thank you.

Also when one of the dudes said that he likes blood and that girl said that drinking blood makes her feel stronger?? And they were so serious about it??? And it was like???????


Uhhhhhhhhhh no.

I’m sorry, but I can’t take any of this seriously even though some people may be so honest about it and actually believe in it. If you believe in this kind of stuff, though, well then, you do you as long as it’s not harming anybody else.

Anyway, finals. I’m exempting three because I had the option to do so, so why not. No physics, history, or programming exams for me this time–I had semester averages of A’s and zero absences in all three of them–barely an A in physics though–it was a 90. Lol.

I want to get a small Christmas gift for my friend J. She’s my “best friend”, I think you could say. So I want to get her something because she’s always been so nice.

Have a good day and stay chill.

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  1. Since I enjoy psychology I often get recommended interviews of sociopaths and things of the sort, which is very fascinating, but scary if they are harmful, so I understand how you feel. And I’m curious about what the werewolf and vampire thing was about, so gonna search that.

    Wish me luck.

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