Journal Day 53 – White Elephant, Cold Freezing Weather

Hello. I guess I’m writing this while at work. I have no idea what’s pumping me up right now; it could be the caffeine, it could be the upbeat music I’m listening to, it could be the lively environment I’m in. It could really be the caffeine. I rarely drink this stuff, but I grabbed a bottle of Snapple from the fridge, and it’s supposed to be… oh crap… 63 grams of sugar! It’s this iced tea drink that apparently has 63 games of sugar, plus caffeine. No wonder I am feeling energetic. I just drank half, I’m not drinking anymore.

Last night a 480GB SSD I ordered last week finally arrived and I immediately replaced my old HDD in my tablet laptop with it. Afterwards, I installed Windows 8.1 on the machine, one of my favorite operating systems, I place it above it Windows 7 and Windows XP even though those were classics, and I completely despise Windows 10. I still haven’t done much on the computer, but it is so small and so portable that it’s really fun to carry around and bring everywhere.

The tablet laptop weighs around 3 pounds with a 12.5” screen, which is extremely small and light compared to my 8 pound 17” laptop.

Anyway, this morning I woke up feeling pretty tired! I fell asleep at maybe 2 AM and woke up at around 7 AM. Only five hours of sleep. When I went outside it was extremely windy and freezing. I didn’t feel it much walking from my home to the car, but when I parked at the garage and started walking to the office, the air was freezing. I ran to the office and there wasn’t a single person in sight outside. Whew it was cold.

I had normal work like always. Same old, same old. It has been extremely repetitive and boring for a long time now. I wonder how people can live doing the same job for over 50 years? Plus work is really draining. I know there’s an education project for me due on Monday, and it’s a huge project that’ll take a while to complete, but I feel so drained and tired from work that I can’t even get myself to work on it right now, I’m writing this around 8 PM by the way.

There was a white elephant event at work today, and I was able to wrap up a last minute present. I got one of the last few numbers chosen and I chose to steal a $25 gift card from somebody, obviously the most valuable present there. What sucks is that there was a late person that joined in, and she automatically got the last number because she was so late, and she chose to steal my $25!! Noooo! So I chose to steal a person’s Bluetooth headset, and that’s what I have now. Now that I own it, I realize I don’t really even want it, so I’m going to add that as an add-on gift for some lucky person this year.

There was a co-worker I sat next to before the white elephant event started, and she was showing me this video of her dog at her home. I commented on how clean the home was, but what was awesome is that this was a live video. They installed security cameras at their new home apparently and she was showing it off to me. I thought awesome, this is technology in action.

It was pretty crazy how I was looking at live footage of her home from her phone when we were miles away. You could even rewind footage to see what happened at any given time during the day. She switched the camera to one facing her front porch outdoors, and a few seconds later a car passed. I was like “Did you see that?! A car just passed!” she was like “Yeah haha. Technology!!” It was pretty insane.

I also took a picture of the Christmas tree we had in the office. I didn’t do so well in the white elephant event this year. I should’ve brought in a more meaningful present, I wanted to put up my Gameboy color Pokemon games which were just sitting around, but one was easily worth more than $25 which was the maximum limit. I have I think 6 or 7 different Gameboy color Pokemon games, and I was just going to put them all up in my gift for secret Santa last night, but my mom persuaded me not to. Even though I didn’t really need the games anymore and they were just taking up space in my room.

Hmm…. At work I ran into a stressful situation. Not really stressful, I just feel like it’s stressful because I look at everyone else’s plate and I have the most things on my plate, and there’s one person who isn’t doing any work at all, and I’m really pissed because why do I have to carry all this shit? I had a headache at that point when I looked at it from that perspective. On my drive home though I shifted and realized what I had to do wasn’t difficult.

Still I’m home now. I watched Meet the Robinson’s with my dad and started to finish up this entry. The ending of the movie is pretty amazing. The movie is an animated time travel kid’s film where the main characters go to the past, future, and present several times and even alter timelines. It’s so interesting. The ending is one of the best movie endings I’ve ever seen, only understood when you’ve seen the entire film. Keep moving forward.

Hmm. I realized today that Obs and I haven’t interacted since we said good night to each other last night. I sent her an email that she didn’t reply to yet, that might’ve been too strong maybe? Maybe I need to calm myself down a little bit in our interactions and just not excite myself too much XD. Anyway I’m going to sleep soon since I have to wake up early at 7 AM tomorrow and I only had 5 hours of sleep today, I’ve been really sleepy throughout the day to begin with, except when I drank that half bottle of Snapple.

Christmas Tree

Selfie for the day

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