Knocking on the door to my mind.


Welcome to my journal. My name is Valai and I decided to start out this journal to keep my thoughts separate from my writing books. I tend to write for leisure in my books and keeping a journal with my writing books does not end well. The journal gets eaten by all my other writings. I don’t think my writing books will get to my journal here so it should be safe.

This journal will probably contain a lot of different thoughts and topics. Consider this a doorway into my mind and how it works at times. My thoughts jump around and can be very disorganized or very well written. My focus levels are not too bad, yet I can get off topic at times. I’m hoping to look at this as a journal and a focus exercise. I’ve been told I can have really good thoughts and ideas once on a roll, however it doesn’t take much to get me off topic….Reading this repetition is also a problem for me. I’m guilty or typing out my personal thoughts on even what I’m writing as well. More so when trying to get my thoughts out and on a medium.

I may step on toes and might get into topics that are not in line with the statues quo. If I do so I apologize in advance. It’s not my intention to step on toes…poor toes. 


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