Money for Sex

I love the money, I also love the freedom.  A job where I can pick when I work, where I work, who I work with and I even get to decide how much I want to get paid.

Its fast money, and to me the pay is unbelievable.  It is the kind of money I only ever used to dream of earning. 

Most of the time it is easily earnt.  The vast majority of my clients are quite intimidated by me.  I am not the scary type, I like to think that I come across as sweet, I’m polite, kind and very patient.  Most of my clients arrive to see me in quite a nervous state, they are stepping into unknown territory and don’t know exactly what to expect.  For many clients it may be their first or second time visiting an escort, my advertisement contains images of myself but no face pictures.

My favourite type of client are the “yes please” clients, the ones who want me to take the lead and they say yes to everything I suggest.  I usually suggest “a nice sensual massage” to get the ball rolling.  My client will lie on their front and I will give them a nice full body massage.  This kills time, allows the client to relax and I usually make a little bit of small talk which allows me to show interest in the client and appear as though I’m not rushing them.

After a few minuites of massaging I ask the client if they are ready to turn over.  The response is always “yes”.  He rolls over and I begin to teasingly massage his legs and tease his balls.  I attempt to be seductive as I remove my bra, kiss the client on the lips then move down his body and begin to give oral, I do this slowly and teasingly.  I want the client to believe I’m enjoying it as much as him.

As long as the client is immaculate, has well kept pubic hairs and excellent hygiene I don’t mind giving oral.  If the pubic hair is unkept or the penis is unattractive no amount of money will persuade me to give him oral.

Men love oral, especially when I look them directley in the eyes whilst giving it.  I try and do this for as long as I can before boredom strikes,  I then ask the client suggestively what his favourite position is.  Most say every position,  the few who have a favourite say doggy.  Doggy style is my favourite response,  it means the client will do all the work whilst I shove my face in a pillow making sex noises and encouraging them by saying how nice it feels.

Clients usually cum quite easily, most rarely have sex so they are usually done within a minuite or so of entering me.  If a gent is taking particularly long I will ask him where he would like to finish off and ask if he would like to finish on my boobs.  Nine times out of ten the client will want to finish on my boobs.  I smile to myself and mentally thank my surgeon for blessing me with a beautiful set of enhanced boobs.  I reach for one of my toys and pretend to be having the time of my life… 

and BOOM times up!

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