Okay so I am not totally with it.  I thought today’s ct scan would be just routine like the other ones I  have had.  Guess not.  Had to drink barium.  It wasn’t a milkshake but it was tolerable.  The tech took me back to a room that the temperature matched the 14 degree temperature that was outside this morning.  I was shaking literally and NO he didn’t seem to care or notice that it was THAT COLD.  Next I had to show a card for my port.  I never was asked this before but thankfully I brought my keys and on the key ring was a card about my port.  Got passed this step.  Next came 1001 questions.  My mind went blank on where my cancer had spread.  My mind also went blank on when my last blood test was.  Oh yes last Wednesday right before chemo.  They always do that.  SORRY but you are one day late and we need another one.  After a little coaxing he got enough blood out of the  port.  I thought I would be going to the little dark room (warm room) like I always did but NO this time he handed me a warm blanket and took me back to the registration room but not before giving me more of that tasty drink.  My warm blanket wasn’t nearly warm enough to remove the chill I was feeling from that lab room.  I also visited the bathroom more times than I can count.  It was finally time for the scan but he gave me no hospital gown.  Unusual – I thought so.  A hospital gown would have been much easier.  I went into a little room with lockers and just removed my bra and put my top back on, went in the ct room sat down and was handed you guessed it more drink.  I laid down on the thing and got strapped in and he put a cushion under my legs and a blanket over me and told me to pull my jeans down to my knees.  Really now.  It wasn’t easy but I made it.  Remember I said a hospital gown would have been much easier.  He told me the machine would talk to me and I would have to follow its directions.  What it ended up saying was breathe, hold your breath, breathe.  After a few pass throughs he came back and said he was starting the infusion and that I would feel something warm and have a metal taste.  Both of these things were normal.  Well I never got the metal taste but I did get the warm feeling and I thought I peed myself.  It was a very strange sensation.  I didn’t but it sure felt like I did.  This part didn’t take nearly as long as all the prep.  When it was over I got dressed well I pulled up my jeans and he removed the port access and I went in the little room and finished getting dressed he gave me a card and told me to call if I had any questions or concerns and I left.  What did I make of all  this.  Not much of anything.  Next time I will ask for a hospital gown though because trying to maneuver on that tiny table thing gave me back and leg cramps.  I also forgot to mention that he talked really fast.  Really Fast.   Was hungry and had to what else but go to the bathroom so we stopped at McDonalds and then did some grocery shopping for Christmas.  Got home and had to go to the bathroom really bad.  It came out like oatmeal.  Gross.  And my friends THAT was my day.  Remember I told you when I started this journal that I keep it real.    Next chemo is Christmas week so let me take this time to wish everybody a very Merry Christmas.  I’m cooking and the daughter is coming with her “boyfriend.”  Merry Christmas to All and to All a Good Night!

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