You say it’s because of me
who see me as someone so ugly
that no sane guys would ever see
all the good that I could be

You think you know all about me
just another whiner with a victim mentality
an annoying bitch who doesn’t deserve you
Giving women compliments is all you do
Why can’t I see this through?

Go ahead
Say whatever the hell you like
You’re just another gaslighting type
I know you won’t stop
badgering me with taunts, threats, and curses
until I finally give up
and tell you that you’re always right
only so you’ll win this fight

Am I overreacting?
Do I ever think?
You say my opinions say a lot about me
but I’m not the one and only
I can say the same damn thing about you too
that my energy’s much too precious
to be wasted on you

This ain’t no discussion
You just want to win the argument
so you can tell the whole world your idea about women
that they’d better shut the hell up
and just listen.


(Jakarta, 14/12/2016 – 1:00 pm)

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