Ugh, crushes

 Okay, my last journal entry, I mentioned that my roommate had a boyfriend, and there was a friend I told, and he and my other friend had coffee and bonded, and it was like, important and clarifying.

Here’s my struggle right now.  This friend who I spilled the beans to, he’s adorable and I have a pretty decent crush on him.  I tend to get crushes on any guy that pays attention to me, which is not good, but it’s like, I’m so awkward, I never do anything about it.  Anyway, he’s hella nerdy and cute, and he hugged me good-bye when he left for winter break, and I sat on my bed giggling like an idiot for ten minutes.  I’ve never had a guy friend who felt close enough to hug me.  We have a mutual friend who hugs everyone, though, so he might have picked that up from her.  anyway, I have a cute friend, so let’s just bask in that for a while. 

What else?  Oh, Merry Christmas!


3 thoughts on “Ugh, crushes”

  1. Hello, and almost Merry Christmas! I thought you were new here but then I looked at your account and you’ve been here for 3+ years! 😛

    Welcome back!

  2. LOL I feel you, I develop crushes on every person who is remotely nice to me 😛 It’s annoying to like people and get all giggly and excited when they probably didn’t mean to flirt or do anything remotely like it. Anyway, glad to know that you’re still here and writing sometimes!

  3. I just came back to check on some of the early ones that started using goodnight Journal. Its good to see your still here LunyLove:) A lot has happen to me the last 2 years will be back to write about it and share. Hope you had a great Christmas and have a awesome New Year LunyLove:)

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