How much do I love poetry?

It didn’t start as a love at a first sight…or line. In fact, I had quite a misconception about it.

I’d thought it was all lame and always oh-so-serious. I’d thought only love-struck beings and cheesy romance lovers wrote them.

Well, I was half right, but then there are other poems too.

I have to admit that heartbreak was my first reason to start writing poetry more frequently again. However, most of them were dark and rather sinister. I’d tried not to sound too desperate and clingy.

Before I knew it, I got myself addicted.

I’ve attended some poetry reading sessions and enjoyed every bit of it. I’ve met really interesting people and made new friends too.

For me, this is like one of the best sources of alternative entertainment in this city. (Who says you can’t really do much in Jakarta?) It’s my great escapade from reality, although only temporary.

The last poetry reading session I attended was “Unmasked”. One of the greatest performances I remembered best was when a couple came up on stage and teamed up reading a seriously satirical poem about cat-callers. Feeling how many people out there who still don’t take cat-calling seriously, I had laughed out loud. I was relieved that I wasn’t being overly sensitive about it.

More poetry next year? You bet.

The Wordplay Warrior

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  1. So great that you are enjoying poetry now! Write us one, okay? (smile)

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