Christmas shopping

My birthday was November 3rd. After the family birthday celebration I got alot of money. I was mainly going to save up the money so I could get myself a proffesjonal camera for the classes I’m taking next year (It’s my top hobby). But, since its christmas Im using it on buying gifts for the people I care about instead. 

It kind of sucks though, I really really want to buy something meaningful for my friends. I’m actually using alot of my money right now on those special things Ive bought so far, still i got more people to go. 

I feel so great for buying these gifts, like I’m happy I decided to buy things for others instead of being so greedy, like Ive been the other years. Still It gets abit sad thinking about that camera. I could get a small job to earn up, but like with my personality and anxiety that is hard. 

Maybe if I use half of my birthday money on gifts, and then the rest Ill save up and do the same next year. I don’t know. This sounds pathetic, and stressful. 

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  1. Giving gifts brings people close and strengthens the bonds you have made.

    “Exchange gifts, as that will lead to increasing your love to one another.” [Al-Bukhari]

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