Day 293 – Megg, this entry is only about you. You lucky person :P

Friday, December 16th 2016

So today wasn’t very different from usual, meaning, I’m gonna skip all the school process and the shopping that I did, and go to Megg’s and I weekly conversation. I’m also doing this cause there 18 minutes left before midnight.
We talked about various things, one of them being is that he wants to write a New Years entry with me, but, I will be at Cuba the 31st. I might be capable of doing it anyway, depending on the resort’s lobby’s internet. I’m excited for it though and curious. However, I told him to stop assigning me things like this often until we finish our book, since my plate is getting kind of full with Christmas and exams 😛
Speaking of Christmas, he also wants me to make a wallpaper for him as a gift. I’m brainstorming still, but I might have an idea. In return though, I’m not sure what I want. I’ll have to think about that soon.
He also talked about his work and feeling like he’s being in a bored loop. I tried to give him a few ideas and the topic of eating something different came up, so maybe he should try eating at different places, try new foods.
We also talked about supporting each other further. He would like for us at the end of our entries to write what we want the other to know as well as wishes, that way we can reply on it. So, Megg, not much for you to know this entry, haha. But hope you enjoy the rest of our convo 😛 It’s a good idea, I really think it’ll help the support be brought even further.
I’m gonna ask him some book business related things now. I took a break from our conversation to write this.
That’s all for today.

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