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Hi, Friends!  I want to ask a favor.  If you think of it and if you don’t mind, whenever you can make your font size large.  I have mild macular degeneration which makes it very hard to read and especially (impossible) fine print.  I use size 18 and am considering going larger !  (If I don’t cut back on the PopTarts I will definitely be larger soon!)  BAD JOKE.   Just letting you know I REALLY care and want to read every possible entry, but it is so difficult if the print is small.  Just if you think about it. Thanks and hugs!

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  1. Hey Grace!

    You know you can also just zoom in the page right? Use Ctrl and the + button at the same time. To zoom out, use CTRL and the minus button at the same time.

  2. Thanks to all of you! No, I am not diabetic, but if I don’t straighten up and fly right….well, it could happen. I am just pop-tarting my way through the holidays. No time to cook except the casserole I’m taking to the dinner at my sister’s. Love you guys and gals.

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