Journal Day 54 – Mostly about Obs but about my day too :P

I woke up pretty early today at 5:00 AM, after falling asleep around 8ish last night. I fell asleep right after sending Obs an email with the wallpaper we both made composed of our two quotes about living life, death, and each other. My plan is for it to be a daily reminder for me that life moves by quickly and not to waste a second or have any regrets, that there’s someone who cares about and supports me, and that there’s someone I need to be supportive and take care of.

A few days ago she mentioned that Kohai and I are her closest friends, which was really touching to me. I need to be there to mentor her and watch her growth making sure she becomes the best that she can be. Obs is my friend for life and potentially my lifelong partner as well. She’s growing at such a rapid pace that I feel like I’m wasting my time at work by having my knowledge and experience remain almost completely stagnant on a daily basis. Things move so slowly here.

I just read her journal entry from last night and posted a comment. I also visited her website since she talked about having updated it. I can’t read a thing on there because it’s all French, but I also noticed this new text effect where each letter has a delay in loading one after the other like its being typed on screen. That is so cool, keep it up Obs!

I’m going to have to drop my mom off at work soon and then go to work really early myself. I was hoping I could visit the library to read some books on mentoring, but they don’t open until 10 AM. I plan for Obs to become someone extremely amazing and reliable so that we can both rely on each other for anything. When one of us grows individually, we both grow as a team. I need to help her unlock her potential in life which in turn unlocks my own.

Right now I think she’s growing at a good pace. School is a great place to learn and you will be constantly improving while you’re there. There’s not much I can do for her except encourage her, and set expectations on what she can accomplish and have her know I’m there to support her. I think that’s all you need to accomplish anything in life, someone believing in you and encouraging you every step of the way.

I got into work early today before 8:00 AM, I got the second best car parking spot in the garage since not many people are here this early.

I sent Obs an email detailing plans for the holiday season, mainly how we’ll exchange gifts on Christmas and how we’ll reflect on the year. She was fine with the gift exchange which we both want to do, but she was busy with exams and will probably not have Internet access so we might not be able to do the end of the year reflection together.

She sounded pretty agitated when she talked about her exams, so I apologized for putting more work on her plate, which wasn’t my intent. I also don’t think she liked it when I asked her to rewrite her own version of the paragraph I wrote about life, death, and us. Well I was trying to come up with a way for us to become more connected with each other, and I made a wallpaper from our quotes, but I guess it was kind of out of the way and random.

I’m also really slightly annoyed. I thought the website portfolio project was going to be a creative one where you created your own design and created the website from scratch. It turns out that you download a PDF Mockup of the website they want you to build, and then you build it from scratch. This project is basically a joke now, I thought it was going to take hours upon hours to do this, and I was already researching different ways I can make the portfolio site, but since all I’m doing is copying this person’s design, I doubt this would be hard at all.

This entry for today is mostly about Obs again because there’s really nothing else I can write about. I’ve spent over 8 hours in the office today already as I type this and I can’t say that anything different or significant happened here.

For Obs she can write about her day, her classes, stuff she did, the lunch conversations she had, but for me I can’t really do the same thing. I can’t disclose conversations, even funny ones, for example because it might be private information. And besides in terms of activities, it’s pretty much the same thing every day. Two days ago we had a potluck, and yesterday we had a white elephant gift exchange, but other than that, those days were exactly the same as any other. Exactly. The. Same.

Oh wait, there is something significant today, there is another person whose last day is today much like Person’s Name’s last day was last week. I don’t know her that well unfortunately since she’s in a completely different team and she’s very quiet. As I type this she is packing up her things and is about to head out of the office.

Aww. She wasn’t going to say goodbye to me or my group, so I walked over to say goodbye and give her a hug, I didn’t have any clever last words to say. As we hugged she said she was going to miss me and my comforting friendly smile. Aww. I just had “good luck!” to say, which was really lame. I’m feeling a little terrible for not having any last words, not even a “I’m going to miss you for X” because I had nothing! I just couldn’t think of anything quick enough. I feel slightly terrible again because she’s gone, and I can’t redo this situation.

Hmm. I guess I’m going to pick up my mom now and head home, then post this entry. I don’t think there’s anything else significant that’s going to happen at home tonight either besides my weekly talk with Obs later. I can’t go outside for walks anymore because the weather is freezing. I think it was 18 degrees F according to my car this morning at 7:30 AM. I’m pretty sure it is a lot colder now, so I’d rather just stay indoors.

Just had my weekly talk with Obs tonight, in which we re-affirmed our trust in each other and how much we value our relationship and friendship with each other, we value it so much. We care for each other a lot and support each other deeply.

We also talked about the end of the year reflection entry that we might do, my YouTube channels, and about the creator of the website, in which we both posted a comment on the very first post on the website. We talked for over two hours about a variety of subjects so I won’t be able to get everything.

I felt extremely happy after our conversation in which she talked about business regarding the book we’re writing together. We agreed to split the profits 50/50 from the project since we’re both working as a team together and we both need each other to write the book. We’re also going to talk to each other through voice for the first time tomorrow which is awesome.

I told Obs that even though I knew she was always supporting me and wishing me well it was hard for me to see daily because we didn’t see each other daily. So we started a new trend together where we write a message directly to the other person inside of our journal entries. Since we read each other’s journals frequently and care about the other person, we simply tell each other how we’re doing and that we’re wishing the other person well in our daily messages to each other.

To Obs: After a mostly boring day, the weekly chat with you really flipped things around and made me feel really happy. You saying you’ll support me through anything really cheered me up and brightened my day, I’ll be there to support you for anything too. We’re a team Obs and I hope both of us do well and be there to support each other in the future. Let’s keep each other on track and wish each other the best.

Just wanted to let you know since we tell each other what we’re working on through these messages: I’m working on website portfolio project due on Monday. Wishing you the best.

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2 thoughts on “Journal Day 54 – Mostly about Obs but about my day too :P”

  1. Actually *you* said that you were a close friend along with Kohai 😛 Not saying you’re not, but also saying I have another close friend.

    And I did like writing the death subject, it was just the last thing I could do since now I’m too busy c:

    And I’m glad you really enjoyed the weekly chat, I did as well ^-^ Thanks for everything.

    I hope you can still manage to find a little bit of fun in your project, even though it’s just copying the style

  2. Oh okay. Well me, Kohai, and a third person are your closest friends 😛

    I’m still working on the project. I haven’t started it yet even though it’s due in a day because of how easy it looks, and I will for sure have fun with it.

    And no problem Obs, we both benefit each other tremendously so thank you too for everything.

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