My Race LODHI and Family History

Lodhi is a Pashtun tribe that is mainly found in Afghanistan and Northern Pakistan but there is a catch, my family has been in India way before anyone remembers. 

My Grandfather as a young boy migrated form India to Pakistan. We were never in Afghanistan or the area what we know as Pakistan today. We were very far away from the Pashtun tribs.

In the 15th century, a branch of the Lodhi’s founded the Lodhi dynasty.  The Lodhi’s were the first Afghan Pashtun tribe to rule India. It is possible that my ancestors came to India during that time. 

A few days ago I met my Grandfather and I asked him many questions about our family and our race. He told me that his father had told him that his ancestors had to face many difficulties. After the fall of Lodhi dynasty at the hands of “Mughals” any one who would have the Lodhi attached to his name was to be killed, which was a common practice after the takeover of a any new empire. Even the most remotely related personals of the previous families were to be killed. So they had to run and hide. 

Now I will tell the names of my ancestors as far as I know

My Name: Muhammad Bin Naeem Lodhi

My Father: Muhammad Naeem Lodhi

My Grandfather: Gulam Sabir Lodhi

My Great Grandfather: Nizam ud Din lodhi

Great Great GrandFather: Hussain Khan Lodhi [Khan represents respect and Nobility]

Great Great Great Grandfather: Dhamal Khan Lodhi

I used to think that we were farmer but two days ago Grandfather told me that his father was construction engineer and worker, he never saw his grandfather.

Most historians acknowledge that the origin of the Pashtuns have seen invasions and migrations, including by Ancient Iranian people, the Medes, Persians and Greeks of antiquity, Hephthalites, Arabs, Turks, Mongols, and others. In recent times, people of the Western world have explored the area as well.

There is also this theory that  Pashtuns could be descendants from the lost tribes of Israel.

If I was to go meet my insanely distant relatives still living in the Afghanistan I would be very different form them in every aspect, language, height, complexion and such.

During my Great Grandfather’s time it was tradition that marriages were done within the Race but it wasn’t a rule it was just a tradition but many followed it.

My Grandfather’s Mother  was the daughter of  Wrestler and she was very strong, as my grandfather told me.  The wrestler had six daughters and no son during the Migration form India to Pakistan all her sisters were killed, she was the only one to survive. She was also a Lodhi.

My grandfathers wife was “Rajput”but my Mother is “Kalson”. I found nothing about “Kalson” on the Internet and My Grandparents on my mothers side have both passed away.

This is what I know about my Maternal Grandfather he was a well educated scholar educated enough that Saudia Arabia offered them Citizenship. His Father was also a scholar who worked with the government officials during British rule in India. He was so up in the position that there were many British people working under him. He was fairy Rich and had twin sons, and both of them were not interested in his wealth even the slightest.

My Maternal grandfather ended up being a full time religious scholar after he rejected the Saudi offer and came back to Pakistan. My maternal Grandmother was “Mughal”. Mughals are well know for their beauty.

My Maternal Grandfather had 14 children and my Paternal Grandfather had 7. I know have than 100 first cousins and their children taken together. 

This was the history of my Race and Family! I would love read someone else’s.

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