Where did everyone go?

I’m just wondering so badly. What exacly happend to all my friends? I’m still friends with everyone, I havent lost any friends as far as I know. It just doesnt feel like they are there for me anymore. 

Before, I always had people to ask to hang out. But now, it gets kind of awkward and weird if I ask them. At this moment theres only my bestfriend I can ask to hang out, and that will actually go out with me. Basiclly the only one who doesnt make up a bunch of excuses to not hang out is my bestfriend. 

Like, my friends have gotten other friends they hang out with alot now. These friend groups i keep thinking about. I just feel like after they all got into other people aswell, their kind of getting rid of me aswell. I’m happy they have other friends aswell, but like I’m not very happy about the fact that they just dont talk to me anymore. 

It sounds weird, i might be overreacting and should probably be happy for them. Still, would be nice if they wouldnt completely get rid of me. I need friends too, I want to have people to hang out with and not have to worry about being alone all the time. Partly sucks being introverted.. and very rude at times. Now that I think about it, my personality is complicated with alot of trust issues and rudeness, no wonder people switch me out. If I found someone nice, I would switch me out too. 

This is very random. 

2 thoughts on “Where did everyone go?”

  1. Yes you are overreacting. This happens to everyone, just think about it for a moment, you say you lost friends ’cause they made new friends, think back and count how many friends you have left because of changing schools or class or whatever and how many gatherings you miss for any reason.
    This is totally normal. Very Very Normal

  2. It might be normal. Still as you say that, doesnt mean it doesnt hurt. Is it seriously so easy to throw all those years of great memories away? I’m jealous of those new people.

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