Day 294 – Megg, animation, werewolves/vampires & burned

Saturday, December 17th 2016

Today was a good one. I planned to work on Christmas presents, but I didn’t finally.
I woke up late and watched YouTube for quite a while. I then went on to moderate the server and work more on my super secret project. Around 1:30, Megg and I voiced chat for the first time. It didn’t feel weird talking to him, actually felt quite normal than what I was expecting. Anyway, we played Terraria and he also showed me how he did the program to save all my entries, because I didn’t have a backup of them. I’m thankful he did that, since it would have taken me forever to do them one by one.
We then reaffirmed our support for each other and said we’ll write about each other before ending the call.
I then watched YouTube, but specifically animations. It’s difficult trying to find a style for animations. I want a cute, nice and clean style, but only the sort of darker, more sketch and messy look to it works with me. I think I can find an inbetween.
After that I went on to eat, then watch the documentary about teen wolves and vampires PrettyInBlack once mentioned. It’s pretty weird, yeah. At first it just seemed kind of like a furry thing with the werewolves and I didn’t mind it since I actually find the furry fandom kind of cool in terms of creating characters based off animals, but the vampires on the other hand, drinking actual blood… I mean, I like the taste of blood (no clue why), but I wouldn’t go out of my way to start hurting myself or other people to drink it… There was even a point where a guy cut a hole in his arm. It was not pleasant to watch.
I then went to wash my face and the moisturizer seemed to burn me, or I might of have an allergic reaction, not sure. I felt really burned and my face was really red. I washed it off and now my face just feels really dry. At least it stopped burning. Not using that thing again.
To Megg : Nothing for you to know. Hope you have a great day tomorrow c:
That’s all for today.

One thought on “Day 294 – Megg, animation, werewolves/vampires & burned”

  1. Hmm us re-affirming our support for each other through voice and not text I think felt a little uncomfortable at first, but I think we both got used to it now so we can do it better next time 😛

    It’s really awesome how connected we are to each other. It’s exceptionally rare for a connection like ours to have formed by the way, so don’t take our relationship with each other for granted. We most likely will never come across another relationship like this if we somehow separate, which I never hope to happen, I think we can both talk out of any problems together.

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