Journal Day 55 – Solved Problems, Game with Obs, Visiting Friend

Well there’s nothing holding me back anymore. I think I have the majority of my life problems already figured out and solved, so I have no excuses whatsoever not to succeed at any endeavor. A few years ago each one of these things would have been major problems to me holding me back from what I wanted to accomplish. Now that these problems have been solved in spectacular fashion, I have zero, zero complaints. Here are my problems, now solved:


College/Time/Money Problem:

College was taking up all my time and all my money and I wasn’t learning anything or progressing as much as I could have on my own. Plus the class schedules, tests, homework, etc, stressed me out. I didn’t like my classmates, there was too many people and too many distractions everywhere. There was no peace and quiet ever on campus, not even in my own dorm, not even in the library.


I dropped out of college and moved back in with my parents. I was still in debt a ton and my mom offered to take it all. I didn’t have any money, I became obese, and I had no life.


Weight Problem:

Since I dropped out of college I basically stopped going outside altogether as well. I stayed indoors and just ate food and used the computer all day, day in, day out, for more than a year. I became obese and so fat, it was pretty disgusting. And I couldn’t really see it happening either, I didn’t realize I was gaining any weight until it just hit me in the face when I looked in the mirror one day and found out I was extremely fat.


This solution came years later, but after I got a job a co-worker showed me pictures of himself when he was fat (not anywhere close to my weight, he was 50 pounds less at his maximum), and I looked at him in real life then and he was really thin. He said he was able to lose weight by exercising and eating healthy. I shouldn’t give him all the credit because I worked out on weekends too, but we went to the gym a few times together and he would give me exercising and food advice, we’d talk about it almost every day for a few months, and my weight slowly, very slowly, dropped.


Job/Money Problem:

So because I dropped out of college, I didn’t have a degree, but I still needed money. I had knowledge, I had my own projects I’ve worked on, and I was competent, but how would any employer believe me? This was a tough one to solve because I had no idea what form the solution would take. I interviewed at a few places, including a part time job as a package handler which paid like $10 an hour and I’d work at odd hours like 2 AM every day. I was offered the package handler job after the interview, but my parents said no saying that it was a waste of time and I was going to ruin my life by going. I would have accepted any job honestly and $10 an hour looked awesome, but they have more experience than me so I took their recommendation.

I applied to a lot of places, so many freaking places and not a single one would accept me. It was frustrating. I wanted to have a job as close as possible home because I hated driving my car. I would apply for jobs anywhere within 50 miles, but for jobs close by I’d put more effort into the cover letter.

After a few months of searching and getting nowhere, I applied for a scholarship in getting computer certifications, lessons, and job searching assistance. You had to take a few high school level tests which I thought were really easy, so I passed easily and got the scholarship. I didn’t get a chance to use this scholarship at all though because…


I wrote about this entire story already in a lot more detail in my Journal Day 30 entry. But basically I got exceptionally lucky, out of all the jobs I applied for, I got the job that was on the top of my list of wanting to get into. To give a comparison, Best Buy was on that list too, but I didn’t get a job at Best Buy, I wasn’t even interviewed. But the best job on that list, the one you would think would be impossible to get into, is the one I somehow got into.

Let me tell you about how exceptional this event is: I don’t have a degree and competition is furiously insanely intense anywhere in the United States. I earn more from my job than some people with a degree. This was the ‘dream job’ I put on my list, because it was supposed to be the hardest one to get into and it was the best job out of all the ones I applied for.

This job I applied for was 2 miles from my home, so I was able to walk to work and back (although it took around 45 minutes each walk). I set my own hours at work meaning I can come and go whenever. The office gives you free food, drinks, gym membership, and anytime access to the office, I am here right now during the weekend, and there is a nap room you can sleep in. The office is in the middle of a popular city, a lot of people dream to work in this area. The company even won a “Best Places to Work” award.

I can keep going on and on about how exceptional this event was, also I know that I do complain about work and how boring it is now that I am actually working, but this event has really changed my life.


Loneliness/Relationship Problem:

Well this is going in deep, but I basically didn’t have any long lasting relationships because I still felt lonely, unsupported, and disconnected most of the time even while having intimate conversations with somebody I was dating. Nothing felt powerful or real, exciting but not long lasting. I learned about what to look for in a person and what I wanted in a partner from my experiences. And I had no idea what form the solution would take here either, I just knew I had to work on myself, and my health and appearance to better attract a partner which is what I worked on.


I met somebody awesome who kept a daily journal like me and we also shared a lot of similar traits, ideas, hobbies, and philosophies together. Obs and I meeting was a phenomenal event and the powerful friendship and relationship we formed together is insanely rare and should never be taken for granted.

She has a lot of growing left to do and experiences to go through but we’re both very supportive of each other and wish each other the best. We both understand each other so well and we both want the relationship with each other to never end.

Anyway I just haven’t met anyone as supportive and similar and I feel like we can accomplish anything together. We’re both there for each other to talk at any time about any problem so lately I haven’t been worried about anything. Thanks Obs.

Other than that, I have very minor problems to solve compared to what they once were originally. They’re basically ‘more’ versions of what I already have, and what I have is already good enough.

Basically: I want to finish my college education (this time I’m doing it online), I want to lose more weight (it’s easier now because I’ve already done it), I want a better job and more money (already offered a promotion), and I eventually want to meet Obs in person and form a relationship with her (we’ve already decided on when we’ll start dating).

So, minor problems compared to what they were before. And I feel like I have everything I need right now to do anything.

I just had my first voice conversation with Obs and I thought she sounded really sweet. We played a game called Terraria together in a world called “Megg’s and Obs’ Terraria World” since it was the one we both decided on playing last week. It wasn’t the best multiplayer game that we could play together, but we still had fun building a house, exploring the lands, digging tunnels, and fighting monsters together. She was so experienced with it all that she was basically just teaching me the entire time and I was forced to learn quickly.

Afterwards she showed me some of the artwork that she did and she showed me a 3d animation of a dragon she created. I was really impressed with it all and advised her to keep it up practicing animation work because of how competitive the field was. I told her she could play either video games or do animation with her free time, and advised that it was better to do animation in the long term and video games can come later.

Obs has been saying the entire time that she had a deep voice, but I didn’t believe her until I heard her for the first time, it’s fine Obs, you have a good voice :). She also showed me a self-portrait that she drew, which was a really good drawing. Keep practicing though Obs because you want to work in that field someday and the art field is extremely competitive. We both have to get better at our craft so we can work together on bigger projects someday anyway, so keep practicing. It will really pay off later on when we both are better at what we do.

I’m going to visit my friend’s house now. It’s around an hour away from the office, and an hour away from my home. So I’m really going out of the way to visit, but he is one of my closest friends, he texted me that he desperately wanted to hang out again, and it’s been a while since we last saw each other.

I visited my friend and we just hung out and talked. He showed me how to do a few card tricks like how to do the ripple shuffle in mid-air and how to correctly perform the bridge shuffle. I learn a lot of new things from each of my visits with him because he’s so open to sharing everything he learned, and I don’t even ask him, he just teaches me. We talked about a lot of random things and just caught up on current events.

To Obs: I think it was exceptionally rare that we would both meet, and I didn’t expect our conversations to bring us so close together. I would advise to keep practicing your art and animation skills and to work a little on the book too. I want us to both be really good at what we do, and to also finish the book project, so we can work on more things together. I’m still working on the Portfolio Project due tomorrow. Work hard and have a productive day!

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