Playlists, Pizza, and Pokemon

The Playlist

(1) Weekend – Smith Westerns

(2) Still New – Smith Westerns

(3) You Only Live Once – The Strokes

(4) Bruise – LeMarquis

(5) Give You Up – Le Crayon

(6) Home – Gnash ft Johnny Yukon

(7) Throwing Punches – Paramore

(8) Sheik’s Theme – Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

(*Note: This is one of the most soothing, elegant, and gorgeous pieces of music on the internet and it makes me fucking cry.)

(9) A variety of music from such games as Kirby, Super Mario, Pokemon, Zelda, and AC

(You can just tell how weird my taste in music is because I listen to everything, and this playlist is filled with indie rock, garage rock, some form of house/dance music, emo, gaming music, and rap pop or whatever genre of music Gnash makes. I swear to God you could find just about everything in my list of “good” music except metal (I don’t like violent lyrics) and even then there should be exceptions with some nu-metal songs, or something. Also, when I take a liking to a song, I will listen to it on repeat for forty million times because I find another song to like, at which time I will discard it and wait a few months before trying it again and thinking, Oh yeah, this song is actually pretty good.)



(I’ve eaten more pizza in the past four or so months than I have in the past eight years.)

(I’m a big fan of pizza because who the hell isn’t, but seriously, I have a pizza obsession bordering on unhealthy (okay, any *obsession* is going to be unhealthy (especially if it’s an obsession with the soul-sucking fandoms that I’m in)) and I could have it for every meal (because I’ll eat any kind of pizza as long as it doesn’t have something nasty like pineapple or fruit or weird-smelling sauce on it))



(I was thinking about buying my friend J something for Christmas when we just went to Target, and I mentioned Pokemon when we were checking out because I saw some cards, and the cashier struck up this kind-of-conversation about the cards because he saw some guy sell one on Facebook for forty grand. He said he still has binders of the cards, and kind of half-heartedly joked that he should save them and sell them to pay off his debt to TAMU, or for his kids’ college tuition.)(It’s slightly (read: intensely) awkward when someone I don’t know suddenly speaks to me (especially if they’re an adult)–I don’t know how to react.)(But it’s also better than speaking to new *teenagers* (even though I, too, am supposed to be a Teenager™)(did you know I actually had to Google how to add the TM symbol to words because I’m an idiot) because I get super mega awkward around people who are My Age)(Also, have you noticed how I’m putting everything into parentheses)(This is what my inner monologue would look like if it were typed out, because I have small, digressive thoughts that are inserted into my Legit And Important Thoughts and it all gets mashed together and is confusing)(So if you’re having difficulty reading parentheses within parentheses, now you have an idea what it’s like being in my head.)(I love parentheses though, because we use the braces and such in Java coding, and you have to remember to keep them in pairs or you’ll get errors. That’s fun.)

(Anyway–moving on to my next topic that actually has nothing to do with Pokemon–I just wanted my three *headers* to all start with the letter P–J likes pretty stationery and food, so I’ll probably get her a little bag of assorted stuff like that. I don’t know how to buy people gifts, can you tell?)

(Last year I gave two people gifts. One was simply a red Ali (a cartoon fox in China) plush pillow/handwarmer that I gave to my friend, the one who was kind of tomboyish. The other was a white polar bear + polar bear sketchbook + tote that I gave my best friend. They seemed happy, but I don’t know……I’m crap at the whole gift-giving thing.)(I wish I had had more time with them, so I could have sent my other friend something.)(I also wish I could have given a gift to Chris, the friend I miss from the second-to-last city I lived in–I still miss him a ton.)(I miss everyone all the time tbh.)

(Anyway, back on the topic of Pokemon–my friends JW and PL (well, PL is more of an acquaintance than a friend, because we have English together, but we never talk–I just know who he is by extension, because I’m friends with JW) both love Pokemon, and both of their English blog themes are about Pokemon, which I think is SO COOL. Sorry, nerding out here. My favorite song from Platinum (which is the only Pokemon game I actually, really played) is the Hearthome City theme, which is sooooo adorable and cheery. It never gets old. It’s funny, because I am alternating between looping You Only Live Once by The Strokes, and listening to the extended version of the Hearthome City theme, and it’s a clash between garage rock and chippy Nintendo music.)(I’m super into both, though.)

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