Turning Left

My name is Katniss. I’d like to say a whole bunch of stuff but I think I’ll just go with the first thing that popped up into my head. Left turns. A little over a year ago, I got into an accident. I was slightly injured and nobody was hurt. It was sort of traumatic. It was my first accident and as it just so happened, I had received my license prior to that event. I can’t be absolutely sure of this next statement, but maybe if I hadn’t been in that accident, I wouldn’t struggle so much when it comes to turning left. As you can guess, that’s the way I was headed before someone proceeding through a red light totaled my vehicle. My mother says that I wasn’t meant to have that car. She would say that, probably because it was her car. It took some time to recover from the shock. I have to say, it opened my eyes. Being a fresh driver was already tough enough but as it turns out, that accident changed my life for the better…except with left turns. I won’t say I can’t. I’ll just say that I always take the long way in order to avoid them. My only exception is if there is a light granting that specific direction. Where I am from, there is a shortage of those. My boyfriend always laughs at me. We’ve been together for sometime. So he’s seen my ‘mom’ driving, as he puts it. You can never be too safe, but apparently to him, well, you can. It didn’t take him too long before he subtly suggested always driving us.¬†Lucky me, I don’t have to take those left turns.

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  1. Your accident was a trauma. Of course it affected you deeply. Time will ease it. And boyfriend driving!! (smile)

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