Vortex of Emotions and Memories….

What an amazing Season this is.

We all have our reasons to celebrate, be it religious or non religious. Some gather and celebrate the birth of our Lord, for others it is a season of family only.

But for some of us this is the season of inner Demons, of skeletons rattling their chains in the darkest confines of our memories.

For me this season is a conglomeration of all the above.

In my sleep I have had numerous visits of ghosts long past. My sister is a common visitor this year. She is back taunting me, the mental games still continue from her grave.

Another old Monster is visiting as well, alcohol. I have noticed my drinking has increased and it is beyond just beer, I have really enjoyed Jack Daniels, doing many shots with reckless abandon.

My mood is swinging rapidly and severely too.

But at long last I have the tree put up and all the decorations out waiting to be hung with care and purpose.

I am finally starting to wrap presents in the midst of still ordering more!

Last night in depression, maybe anger I ordered myself several wonderful gifts. Things I have wanted, but to ashamed to ask for.

So now we are in the final count down to Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all!

Much love and peace to everyone!

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