Welcome to my life

I have 3 daughters. Always said that 3 is a charm. 


My oldest girl is 7 years old. She is a combination of opposite things and good luck to me raising her as a happy human being who is aware of her own self worth.

My middle girl is 5. She is the evil mastermind. Ok, ‘evil’ is an exaggeration but her intelligence and maturity took me off guard not once. Let’s not forget her sarcastic sense of humour.

My youngest is 1 and spoilt to bits. She is our little teddy bear. Older girls were terrorising me for a year wanting baby sister. I didn’t cave in, they asked daddy. So, now they have their baby sister and haven’t stopped thanking me for her. Little one is very lucky, she arrived in the arms if 2 loving sisters and her first best friends. 

It’s all beautiful, of course, but, like many stay at home mums, I get tired. Not so much physically, more emotionally. Husband works a lot, so it’s just me and the girls most of the time. We recently moved house, so I’m taking my time making new friends and miss my old place terribly. 

It’s Christmas time and I don’t have any holiday cheer in me. First time in years. Just going through the motions of decorating everything and doing advent calendars, let’s not forget cheeky elf on the shelf… but I feel very empty inside. 

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