Why so serious?

We did some grocery shopping and girls were helping to carry things inside from the car. My oldest was doing her usual thing, chatting and not looking under her feet, and there was no surprise when she dropped box of clementines on the floor scattering them everywhere. Of course, I told her off for not focusing on the job at hand and being distracted. If she wants to help then she should pay attention or it’s no help.

After we were done unpacking, I went upstairs to change clothes and heard my 2 oldest girls talking. About me. I could almost see them rolling their eyes saying that I’m always so serious and dad is easy.

Little thing, I know. And who hadn’t discussed their parents with their sibling or close friend as a kid? But this made me cry… Husband found me in the kitchen looking out the window and silently pouring my tears. He hugged me better.

2 thoughts on “Why so serious?”

  1. You are welcome, I can relate to some of your struggles.
    I also get it that kids get easily distracted but I see it as my job get them to focus. Telling them off isn’t my only tool and asking 7 yrs old to bring box of fruit inside the house isn’t too much to ask.

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