Am I a Failure???

I could never accomplish the things that come my way. I try to make things simple and easy for me to do it better, but, I always try and I always fail. Am I a failure??? Maybe I’m not trying hard enough. But no matter what I do; I’ll always fail. I feel like I’m failing as a mother, and as daughter and also as a sister. No matter what I do; I’m never gonna get my family to be proud of me for being who I am and what I do for myself. So, my question is: Do you think I’m a failure????? I always dreamed my life would be a much better life with having such a sacrifice to what comes next in the chapter of my life. I’ll never learn how I shall have fear; unless I try to convert those fears of being alone and sad; maybe depressed. Whom shall I fear when it comes to following my heart when I need Him to answer my prayers??????? I give my ways to lead my way to God; Him shall receive my heart and soul for all my loved ones.

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