Everyone Shocked, I was on time.

Got up early today and went to university on time and was the first person to enter the class.

Everyone was shock because I was on time! All my friends asked me reason for why I
was on time today!
After the classes were over went to the library, returned three books on
Humor and got three books issued on Psychology for an upcoming class
Went to University Mosque offered Zuhar Prayer.
Went to an academy for a teaching job, it was very far away. Manan was with
me. The principal of the Academy was his close relative Mamo I believe.
Got home at 6 30. Watched the whole 6th season of Walking Dead in 4 hours,
skipping all the talking parts.
Now I’m trying to study “DB Administration”

2 thoughts on “Everyone Shocked, I was on time.”

  1. My husband also has no patience for Walking Dead. I just roll my eyes and endure.
    Good luck with your studies!

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