Exhausting morning

Didn’t really get much sleep tonight since I was up packing in the gifts. Thats my own fault though. I finished packing around 2am, and went to sleep right after that. Still the night was not done. My phone started ringing at 3am, my mother was calling me from another country. I did not answer since I was barely awake at that time, and then went to sleep again. 

At 5am my father came into my room with his phone put on really loudly. My mother again, she needed sizes for my prom dress since she forgot the measure thing here at the house. We spent about 30 minutes doing that since I couldnt find the measure thing anywhere. It did get finished in the end, and the dress is now done and at the moment I’m waiting for my mother to come home on Thursday and I’ll get to try it on for real. 

The plan was to go back to sleep since I had been up late that night, but no. I just couldnt fall asleep. I ended up just laying there for about 1/2 hours trying to sleep but not able to. My brain was hurting, still I couldn’t. 

Finally after laying there doing nothing, at 7am my father came into my room to remind me to get to school and lock the doors after me as he is going to work immediatly. Suddenly I started feeling sleepy, but I didn’t think Id actually be able to fall asleep since I have been awake for the last hours. I was just looking at my phone at that time keeping myself updated.

I open up my eyes again, my phone is laying on my chest.  I’m thinking its probably just around 7.45, but no It was already 8am and there was only 10 minutes until school starts. I’m still in my pajamas and my bags arent packed. I thought for myself “Whatever, I’m late now anyways” and closed my eyes again. I start thinking alittle more, and remember that my parents will be so mad if I’m absent again. I get up and put my food in my backpack and just throw on some black clothes randomly, hair still greesy and messy (no time to fix that) I just put on a beanie. 

I get to school at around 8.31am. Nothing happens as I get there, no questions asked. When I enter the room I see my friends new bestfriend sitting in my seat. I feel alittle mad since I’m not happy about those two (personal reasons). Too tired to think about that, instead i go sit behind my close friend. 

Through the entire day I struggle to keep my eyes open, and I find everything completely boring. Even english classes got boring even though Its my favorite subject. Only highlight of school was being able to read more of the book im reading as homework. 

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