I love

I love my brother,

but sometimes it hard,

when he’s thoughtless and careless,

and hurt is weighing us down.


When he acts out of spite,

with no hint of the cost,

when he’s lashed out in anger,

and when in doubt he is lost.


Many a hand has been given,

and as many shot down,

when up the ladder he climbs

just to tear the wall down.

I love him , I do,

but sometimes it hurts,

what to do when that pain starts to drown?


I hold to my family,

with all that i can,

but i’m only one person,

with my own hopes and dreams, 

being trampled beneath his seemingly inescapable need.


I love them I do, 

but my grips start to weaken,

when my friends have my back more than my blood.

It’s simpler to keep my feelings under a hood.


I love them I do, and always will

but sometimes love leaves us broken,

when care isn’t shown,

for this path must be two ways with comfort and warmth,

and all I have felt is ice for so long 

and the logs are burnt almost to cinders.


When the fault is laid at my feet,

for the errors he’s made.

I’m older, I’m wiser

and tireder by far.


I love them I do,

but there is only so much one heart can take.




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