I don’t like this Monday. It only started but I don’t like it already. It signifies the beginning of messed up week for me where I don’t get to do what I like.

I never appreciated routine before kids but now I do. Probably that’s why I’m feeling so down lately… new home, new people, new gym, new routine. And as soon as my routine started to establish more or less, husband got an new project and was hardly at home. He was coming home only to sleep. I couldn’t get time to work out properly for weeks. Workouts are my ME time and are very important time to keep me balanced emotionally.

So, he finishes that project today and starts a new one. But it’s even worse – he will be home in the mornings and gone until late night from afternoons. All my classes happen in the evening, means I won’t be able to attend single one.

I know that many people workout at home and I could do same… but it proves to be tricky to focus with my monster crew around. They want to join and then they want to make me do things they do, I get constantly distracted and give up in the end. You can survive couple of sessions like that but then your motivation drops to even bother, so I need classes and a personal trainer to kick my ass and tell me get a grip and do it.

I’m telling myself that I need to survive this week and all will be better.

But will it be?

2 thoughts on “Monday”

  1. Surely it will be better. YOU can make it better.

  2. Thanks, I will definitely try.
    In a way I already feel better by getting it off my chest…

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