My Nightmare

It all started with that dream last night. Everything. You know, I’ve always prided myself as an individual who really was never spooked by the paranormal. But last night– I realized just  how much power it holds over the human sanity. The dream was strange. All dreams are. My dreams have never been pleasant. Never the Oh-I-scaled-the-Everest crap. No. They’ve always been creepy. But never ever like this one.

So the dream essentially started with a strange elevator- it was dingy and you know the typical horror movie type-bad lighting, etc. I was riding it with my brother. I don’t even know how he entered this dream. I remember we could hear someone talking… something strange… and another thing. I really can’t seem to remember it. So we were going down. The basement. We went to the car parking of the building. Then I have no idea what happened and my brother was at the driver’s seat and I was riding shotgun in our car. And the car was tearing down the basement by itself.

My brother looked shocked. He hadn’t started the vehicle. Neither of us are old enough to drive, to yell out loud! Neither had ever tried our hand at the wheel either.

So yeah the car was screeching down the parking and we were both shell shocked. And then some crazy impulse and I hit the center of the steering wheel. Yeah the honk. But I didn’t realize it in my dream and the car came to a screeching halt. And with that my dream. I woke so scared. I couldn’t ever muster the courage to check the time my phone which was at its usual station beneath my pillow on airplane mode. For some long moments, I simple lay there, so scared.

When I finally found the guts to check the time on my phone, I found it was 3:27 a.m. And then I switched on the light and went to get a sip of water in the kitchen to ease my bone dry throat (all a great exertion of my courage of course). So finally I decided that I needed something familiar and lively to get me out of my supremely spooked state. So I lay in bed, lights on, listening to Bruno Mars’ 24k  and reading Percy Jackson and the Titan’s Curse. Well I don’t know how 24k managed to cheer me up a bit but I guess I always found it funny. Strange I know. And PJ– well, nothing better than a good book to warm you to the core.

So well it took me a while to get back to my normal non-spooked state (I’m still not so sure if I recovered completely) and fall back to sleep.

So now you’re thinking :why the heck should a nightmare spook someone that bad? And what’s the big deal any way? Everyone gets them. Thing is this dream and my reaction to it are highly uncharacteristic of me. Never in my life have I let myself be spooked by the Paranormal. It never existed for me. Not even in my dreams. I have prided myself on that– I didn’t realize that until last night. It was like just who I was. Like it is characteristic of liquid to flow. Writing this in itself feels so much better. 

Anyway if you are reading this, thanks a ton. Have a great day!

2 thoughts on “My Nightmare”

  1. Not just read but also completely drawn in.

    As a teenager, I had very tragic incident. So, nightmares I had after that made me believe that hell exists and there is special place for me in it.

    Now I’m much older, I hope it’s throne.

  2. Pants,
    Well, thank you! I hope you don’t get those nightmares anymore. I understand that they can be really really difficult to deal with even after having just one. If you do, I suggest you write or tell someone about them and narrate the whole thing in detail. It really helps.
    Hoping you have a good day.

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